MLM Police is an Ex-Poonique Presenter gone hardcore AntiMLM. She began questioning Pooniques charity, and her research led her down a rabbit hole that started with Elle Beaus Blog.

MLM Police loves to research the hell out of anything (ahhhem MLMs), and has a strong passion to help as many Hun’s as possible.



Mombie is and has always been AntiMLM. She has a different mindset from MLM Police– being a Mom. Don’t worry shes not a softie. In fact, she just might fuck your shit up.

Tip: Don’t go to her Facebook page if your Anti-Vax. 😉 

Mombie & MLM Police decided to start Americans Against MLM ™ after realizing there wasn’t a main central hub for everything Anti-MLM related. This made it hard [that’s what she said] for people not active in the movement to know where to look/find information.

A little light bulb went off in both of their heads, and MLM Police & Mombie decided to take on this project, that they later realized was a huge project!