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Merchants of Deception

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“…Far too many people are being hurt. I was used as an unknowing dupe to take millions of dollars from good, honorable people and cannot simply walk away and let this persist. I wish I could. As you turn each page ,you will learn the terrifying details of the journey several of us have traveled, for years, in an effort to expose the truth. As you read this, the perpetrators of this scheme most certainly are amassing a legion of attorneys to descend upon me. This experience has already taken all my assets so there is little else they can do to punish me, at least financially. However, they will most likely succeed in getting an injunction to at least temporarily shut this site down. If you have an interest, download the book immediately and feel free to mirror this site. Someone had to “step in front of the bus” or it was never going to stop. This is my leap of faith…”

Eric Scheibeler

False Prophets

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?False Profits is an in-depth examination of the multi-level marketing industry and related illegal pyramid scheme phenomenon which have grown rapidly in the US and abroad in the last 15 years. The examination looks at the MLM field from the perspective of its social, personal and spiritual effects on those enrolled and solicited.?

Robert L. Fitzpatrick & Joyce K. Reynolds