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Become active on social media

Start a Facebook Page

Lets be honest Facebook is a dying breed, but its still a great tool to reach others. There is still a lot of people hesitant to join Instagram, or Twitter (We have no idea why), and so reaching out to those lingerers on Facebook is very important!


Open a Twitter account

Twitter is fantastic because of how closely you can interact with an endless amount of people/groups/companies.

Get busy on Instagram.

There is a surprising amount of Anti-MLMers on Instagram; @YouniqueFail, @Not_Interested_Hun, @MustyLeggings, @Bronwyngreen71, @Informediskey, just to name a few!


Whether you’re Facebooking, Tweeting, or posting to Instagram make sure you hashtag. Hashtag is your friend! #AntiMLM #AAMLM #Poonique

Start a Blog

WordPress is a great place to start.

-Its free

-It has a wonderful platform to easily connect with other bloggers.

If you hate the thought of WordPress, or want to blog completely anonymously: is a minimalist, privacy focused blogging platform. You can blog for free, or pay up to $12 for a paid account. Their main concern is privacy, is fully encrypted, and they ask for as little information as possible.

Become a guest writer for Americans Against MLM

Want to blog about an experience you had, and just don’t have the time or patience to start your own blog? AAMLM’s blog is available any time you feel like writing! Send us an email, or Tweet us or whatever, you know how to find us!

Throw MLM advertisements in the trash

Or better yet… Recycle!