Anti-MLM Activists on Social Media


Co-Founder of Americans Against MLM

Mombie is the Co-Founder of Americans Against MLM, as well as an active anti-MLM activist within the community. If you want information based on science, Anti-MLM memes, and a snarky clap-back persona, this is your girl!


Co-Founder of Americans Against MLM

The MLM Police is the Co-Founder of Americans Against MLM. An ex-Younique presenter known for her keen investigative skills, no holds barred honesty, and dry sarcastic humor. If you enjoy sipping on the MLM hones-tea, look no further.


Public Relations/Media Contact for Americans Against MLM

Americans Against MLM P.R./Media Contact

Roberta is an ex-LuLaRoe consultant who is hell bent on exposing the lies at the top. If you’re having a bad day, talk to Roberta, she will always brighten your day.


Americans Against MLM Enforcer

Jessica is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with 15+ years of experience in her field, and a video content creator. MLM products have had a major effect on her industry; anything from skincare to make up that are sold through Multi-Level Marketing. She is passionate about exposing MLMs and warning others of their product’s potentially harmful ingredients.


MLM Parody MS Paint Comics

Hunbot Comics is a parody instagram account featuring MLM products in MS Paint. The only anti-MLM comic series on the web!


Scam Buster

Ethan is a blogger and video content creator with a background in small business and internet startups. He has a passion for researching and breaking down harmful “business opportunity” scams in order educate the public and, in turn, reduce their effectiveness.