Anti-MLM Activists on Social Media


Co-Founder of Americans Against MLM.

Mombie is the Co-Founder of Americans Against MLM, as well as an active anti-MLM activist within the community. If you want information based on science, Anti-MLM memes, and a snarky clap-back persona, this is your girl!


Public Relations/Media Contact for Americans Against MLM

Americans Against MLM P.R./Media Contact

Roberta is an Ex-LuLaRoe consultant who is hell bent on exposing the lies at the top. If you’re having a bad day, talk to Roberta she will always brighten your day.



Americans Against MLMs enforcer

Jessica is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with 15+ years of experience in her field. The MLM industry has had a major effect on her industry; anything from skincare to make up that are sold through Multi-Level Marketing. She is passionate about warning others of potentially harmful ingredients.

She is also Americans Against MLMs body guard, and will defend those close to her until the end.


MLM Parody MS Paint Comics

Hunbot Comics is a parody instagram account featuring MLM products in MS Paint. The only anti-MLM comic series on the web!