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“Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes are a drain on our society. Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it.”



The horrors of multi-level marketing “makeup” company Younique.



Truth In Advertising (TINA.org)


Truth in Advertising (TINA.org) exists to out deceptive marketing and promote honest advertising. TINA also has available on their website a ‘file a Complaint’ form anyone can fill out, and their team will look into the claim further.


MLM Companies that consumers alerted

MLM Legal Action

Regulation & Enforcement

Educational Resources-MLM Brochure

TINA.org-Reddit: Ask Me Anything (AMA)



Federal Trade Commission



The FTC protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. They conduct investigations, sue companies and people that violate the law, develop rules to ensure a vibrant marketplace, and educate consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. They collect complaints about hundreds of issues from data security and deceptive advertising.


Multi Level Marketing

Spotting an illegal Pyramid Scheme 101

The case for and against MLM

 Pyramid Scheme Alert


  • Pyramid Scheme Alert is the first consumer organization to confront the abuses and trickery of pyramid scheme perpetrators.
  • Pyramid Scheme Alert is a non-profit, privately supported (by memberships and donations), all-volunteer, and totally independent consumer campaign. Pyramid Scheme Alert is about ACTION — coordinated, informed, professional, and effective citizen/consumer action.


False Profits Blog
Audio, Video, & Podcasts
Tools, Research, & Analysis
Books & Pamphlets
MLM Informational Websites

MLM: The Truth


  • Valuable guides and research reports by top MLM expert Dr. Jon M. Taylor, based on 20 years’ research, including evaluation of over 600 MLMs. This information has guided thousands of consumers to make more informed decisions about MLM participation. Persons engaged in consumer education, legal cases, regulatory issues, and media reports can also benefit.



Translated Reports

Farsi – Key findings

Finnish – Summary of research

French – Summary of research

German – MLM tax study

Hungarian – MLM misrepresentation

Russian – Key findings

Spanish – 5 red flags

Consumers Outside U.S.

Utah-MLM Haven

Key Legal Issues


MLM Unmasked: Complete guide to understanding the flaws – and proving and countering the effects – of MLMs.

5-step do-it-yourself MLM Evaluation: If you are considering participating in an MLM program, and have not already done so, be sure to get their compensation plan and run it through the Evaluation.

Multi-Level-Marketing Unmasked e-book



Dean Vandruff

Dean Vandruff


What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?




MLM Watch


  • Stephen Barrett, M.D., is one of the most prolific independent investigators of health quackery and related fraud on the web. His extraordinary contributions to consumer awareness is reported on several web sites, including one on MLMs which offer questionable health products and bogus income opportunities. He has posted several dozen reports on numerous MLMs and their product offerings.


Multi-Level Mirage



MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare

MLM, The American Dream Made Nightmare

 David Brear, an insightful, thought-provoking analysis of the MLM phenomenon as a cultic ritual belief system as well as calculated financial scam.

Fraud Files

Fraud Files

MLM News and Analysis by Highly Respected Fraud Expert, Tracy Coenen.

Ethan Vanderbuilt

Ethan Vanderbilt

  • The Internet’s Most Trusted Scam Buster, long-established Ethan speaks out because scams hurt people. Through his informative website, he offers his opinions on various companies and operations, including MLMs.


Top 9 Lies Used To Defend MLM’s

Pyramid Scheme Definition

Filing a Claim With The FTC

Lazy Man & Money




  • Lazy Man writes about how one can manage their money, get the most value for their dollar while trying to make more money. Since 2008 he has been working to expand awareness of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). In 2008, he was introduced to MonaVie and through 6,000+ comments at MonaVie Scam, he learned that the company uses disinformation to scam consumers into buying into its juice and the terrible business opportunity.


Pink Truth



  • The purpose of this blog is to provide information, opinions, and support to those looking for information about Mary Kay Cosmetics and the business opportunity. Whether you are a current sales director or consultant, former independent sales force member, or potential Mary Kay recruit.


Top Ten Reasons To Not Do Mary Kay

Mary Kay Is Destroying Women

What is MLM?

Returning Inventory

Mary Kay’s Official Stance On Pink Truth



Real Scam




  • A lively online discussion (forum) on the pros and cons of specific MLMs and of MLM in general.It was initiated when an MLM promoter became a moderator for the once excellent web site, scam.com.

Behind MLM




  • They believe there is a distinct lack of concise and clear information out there regarding companies within the MLM industry and MLM itself. The aim of Behind MLM is to fill that void and prove to be a useful resource to people curious about the MLM industry.

A (MLM) Skeptic




  • A MLM Skeptic is an amateur scam tracker and learned a lot about MLM, as well as pseudo-science and skepticism, when they realized that most people don’t approach MLM or income opportunities with enough skepticism to keep themselves safe, and they are lead on by people who are taught to use every unscrupulous tactics in the book ( and a few that are not) to exploit every type of cognitive bias in the brain to get people to commit and hand over their hard earned money.


MLM Basics





The Things They Will Say

Amway Dreamers

  • “Amway worldwide dream builders and the things they will say to profit from your dreams.” Potential Amway recruits will be inoculated against their program after reading this.



  • Here is a site by someone angry enough to write about MLM abuses and willing to link with other sites, but preferring to remain anonymous (probably fearing retaliation). His title includes all the typical labels for MLM.

Welcome to Amway: The Continuing Story

Welcome to Amway: The Continuing Story

  • Here’s a site loaded with information damaging to Amway/Quixtar: [Quoting from the introduction] The sponsor posts this: “WARNING! This site presents facts, opinions, and other information that is critical of the Amway business. There are things on this site that the Amway Corporation, its distributors, and Quixtar (its “sister company”) would prefer you not know.If you are easily offended by such information (or your upline would not allow you to view it), please click your browser’s ‘back’ button now so you do not expose yourself to this critical information. Otherwise, please continue… “ [But don’t miss what is loaded on this site.]
  • Unfortunately, this and other web sites are constantly under attack by Amway, using expensive legal maneuvers that place a great burden on those trying to speak out against the deceptions they foster. It’s a David and Goliath type of struggle, to be sure. Hopefully, Goliath won’t win in the long run.For information on this continuing saga, check out: “Welcome to The Anti-MLM and Anti-Amway Webring Home Page” A similar site is The Anti-MLM and Anti-Amway Webring, which features some sites by angry ex-MLM distributors who feel they and millions of others are being routinely ripped off by MLM/network marketing One is in Greek. Some of the sites are less than professional, but they are very revealing of how mad some people are about this deceptive business practice.

“A very thin line between multilevel marketing and Pyramid Schemes”

Rick Ross

  • Rick Ross has compiled an impressive array of resources on the topic of pyramid schemes and MLM’s, which have a very fine line [if any] between them. Here are two examples: Pyramid Schemes are mathematically improbable” (where Dr. Jon Taylor is quoted as the primary source) and – the article.

The Attorney General of New Mexico

MLM and Pyramid Scheme fraud.

  • The Attorney General of New Mexico put out an insightful web page to help protect consumers against MLM and Pyramid Scheme fraud.

Tracy Coenen


Tracy is a forensic accountant (and former Mary Kay participant) who investigates white collar crime. She has posted some interesting articles about MLM.. Go to her website, then enter “multi-level marketing” in the search box at the top, and you can reference several articles and videos about MLM.


MLM Income Disclosure Statements

Pink Lighthouse


  • Searching For Information About Mary Kay? Then you’ve come to the right place. They’ll help you sort through the hype. They exist to educate and inform, & provide resources so you can make up your own mind.



  • An international network of people who are concerned about health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct.

Cagey Consumer

Cagey Consumer

  • Excellent Resource with many links on MLM research and analysis.

Crimes of Persuasion— Covers Many Types of Scams, and Includes a Good Treatment of MLM Scams

Steven Hassan’s Freedom of Mind Center— Analysis of MLM, with focus on Amway, as a mind-controlling cult


The MLM File— An Australian Anti-MLM Site authored by consumer activist Peter A. Blood with valuable insights gleaned from direct experience and exceptional analysis.


Corporate Frauds Watch— Courageous exposé blog by journalist and advocate. Shyam Sundar, waging a battle against the multilevel marketing and money circulation schemes.


A Drain on Capitalism— A well thought out Blog by Pedro Menard, primarily aimed at exposing the MLM, Agel, but also offering much valuable information on MLMs and pyramid schemes.


All About Multi-Level Marketing in the German Language
University-level Website Examining Multi-Level Marketing

26 Seconds


  • An Anti-Monat Global website and blog exposing Monat, and their Market Partners.
  • Drugstore, grocery store, and dollar store shelves have a wide array of shampoos, conditioners, and skin care products for customers to choose.  When they walk through the doors of our salon, there are even more choices. We hear all the buzzwords natural, healthy, non-toxic, sulfate free and we see these products promising miracle upon miracle.  I am personally tired of lies about what a beauty product can deliver.   We as beauty professionals must demand better regulations of the hair care line industry.  It begins with stop trying to sell a side hustle and start selling a product that does not have 11 class action lawsuits, over 700 BBB complaints and the second highest number of adverse reaction with the FDA of any beauty care company ever!


Legal Issues


Join Us



The Brutal Hun



  • The Brutal Hun is exhausted with the never ending fake feel good stories, testimonials, good and bad reviews for money. Boss-babes who sell their soul to peddle to their followers half-truths and images that are not real. I don’t care about a following….but I do care about debunking the claims you have been handed in emails and IM’s with subject lines that say….Hey Hun…..

Hartline Hair


  • A hair professional’s view on Monat Global, exposing their lies and why you should say no to Monat.

Talented Ladies Club


Talented Ladies Club is a magazine-style site that inspires and empowers mothers to pursue their ambitions. After realizing how predatory the MLM business model was, and how many mums were losing time, money and hope in schemes, they became enthusiastic Anti-MLM investigators and campaigners.

MLM Dump


MLM Dump works with MLM distributors who have decided that MLM (or their particular MLM company) is not for them but have lots of inventory they need to get rid of.

  • Distributors that front loaded (pressured to buy a lot of product once they joined an MLM).
  • Distributors who had to place large monthly orders,  and as a result built up a lot of inventory they cannot sell.
  • Distributors/customers who has products they don’t want.

How Much does MLM Dump pay for your inventory?

  • How much they can pay for your inventory is based on several factors: demand, the risk to them, the quantity, and expiration dates. If you contact MLM Dump, they will give you a quote.

Elle beau


  • This little blog will be to anonymously share her experiences of a tetchy subject – something that may create a backlash, outrage, flounces…you name it.  Yes, its multi-level marketing, aka MLMs, aka network marketing/direct selling aka trussed-up pyramid schemes.

LuLaRoe Fail

They were a LuLaRoe ‘fashion consultant’ (aka independent distributor) for over a year, and are here to lend an ear to fellow ex-distributors, who want to talk about their #HowLuLaRoeFailed story.

Le Pampered Pig

A Physician Assistant formulator who’s going to tell it like it is. To Le Pampered Pig, the most meaningless term in the beauty business is “All Natural”. “Have you ever seen a lipstick tree or shampoo bush? Does eye shadow come from your garden? COSMETICS DON’T OCCUR IN NATURE. WE MUST MAKE THEM. WE SYNTHESISE THEM.”

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