Farmasi is a makeup/beauty MLM that entered the MLM world in 2010. Their headquarters is located in Turkey, and just recently entered the USA market in January (2019). I haven’t heard much about them until recently.


To sign up with Farmasi as a “beauty consultant”, you just have to pay $19.99, and have the option to purchase an additional starter kit.







They(Farmasi) have quite the income opportunity page, and I have to say it is one of the more confusing ones I’ve come across.

Farmasi added a “glossary” to help potential beauty influencers understand their “opportunity”, personally I didn’t find it to help much.


Personal Volume (PV)
The points that you accumulate from your personal sales to customers and personal purchases.

Group Volume (GV)
The points that you accumulate from your and your downlines’ sales to customers and personal purchases.

Retail Margin
Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater

Personal Bonus
It is the bonus that you get from your personal sales.

Group Bonus
The entrepreneur’s assigned level according to their group volume.

Bonus Level
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Leadership Bonus
The bonus you get from different generations when you expand your team.

Side Points
Points you accumulate from the smaller entrepreneurs in your first generation,whom you directly sponsor.

Car Allowance
The entrepreneurs that you receive for using your own car to improve your business

The entrepreneurs that you or your recruits recruited. In other words, the entrepreneurs in your group

The categorizing term used to differentiate your direct recriuits from their recruits and other’s recruits.Your direct recruits are your 1st gereration.Their recruits are your 2nd generation.

The different nicknames you get after achieving 25% bonus level. These titles change depending on the number of recruits that have achieved the 25% bonus level in your 1st generation.

Title Points
The points that you earn from your 1st generation, depending on each entrepreneur’s title, whom you personally sponsor.

Downline Volume
The accumulation of personal points from your downline.

Front Line
Beauty influencer in your 1st generation.

Founders Club

“The Founders Club is open to the first 100 entrepreneurs that achieve the 25% bonus level. If you are among the first 100 who achieve this level, you will be eligible to join the Founders Club.

Eligibility to visit our factory in Turkey (all expenses paid) where you will witness every step of the production process and learn about our products in detail; receive in-depth product training by our team of professionals.

• FREE Shipping on All Orders (while maintaining active Founder status)
• FREE Monthly Samples: receive a premium pack of samples for the featured product of the month.
• FREE Website Exposure: earn a highly-coveted spot on our website, where you can maximize your reach.
• FREE Leads: invitation to corporate promotional events and opportunity to generate leads on company-sponsored activities.
• Exclusive Early Access: receive new products earlier than others. You will have the privilege to use them and let us know about your valuable experience.”

Aaaaaand the “25% bonus level” is what exactly?

Team Building Program

“If you sponsor 2 or more active recruits within a calendar month, you will be eligible to join the customer acquisition program. For each active entrepreneur that you personally sponsor, you will earn $40. In order to become active, an entrepreneur has to sell products worth $250 (catalog price) during the commission period, calender month. In other words, have personal volume 125 or greater.


If they recruit at least 2 people a month, they will earn $40/person recruited. Yikes.

As a beauty influencer, you have the privilege to buy products at a discount and sell at retail price. This discount applies to all products besides sales support materials.

So, it sounds like they are encouraging “beauty influencers” to have stock/inventory.

However, Farmasi does offer their beauty influencers a generous 50% discount!

Personnel Bonus

“Personal Volume (PV): The points that you accumulate from your personal sales to customers and personal purchases.

Group Volume (GV): The points that you accumulate from your sales and your downline’s sales to customers and personal purchases. Depending on the amount of group volume that you accumulate, you get assigned into different bonus levels.”

“For example, if you are assigned to the 25% bonus level, and your personal volume is 200, you earn 25% of your personal volume, which is $50 USD.”

Group Bonus

You earn group bonuses based on your assigned bonus level and the entrepreneurs you have in your 1st generation.

1st generation means the entrepreneurs whom you personally recruited. In other words, people whom you directly sponsor.

You earn a group bonus from every entrepreneur in your 1st generation depending on their assigned bonus level.

Group bonuses are calculated by the difference between your bonus level and the bonus level of your 1st generation entrepreneurs.

Emily is calculated by multiplying Emily’s group volume by the difference between your and Amanda’s bonus levels. In this case: ( 25% – 18% ) * Emily’s Group Points = Your Group Bonus from Emily

Leadership Bonus

When you accumulate 5.000 group volume you become assigned to the 25% bonus level, the highest bonus level available.

When your 1st generation entrepreneurs, personal recruits, achieve the 25% bonus level by reaching 5.000 group volume, the Group Bonus that you would normally earn from them cancels out since the difference between your bonus level and their bonus level becomes 0. ( 25% – 25% = 0 ) . When your 1st generation achieves 25%, this means that their groups are becoming more advanced and they are managing larger groups.

In this case, you will start to earn a different type of bonus, called the Leadership Bonus. Now, your main duty is to guide and lead your group. You will earn a Leadership Bonus from 25%, 22% & 18% bonus level entrepreneurs in your 1st generation.

2nd Generation Bonus

You earn 2% from the difference between the sum of group volumes of 25%, 22%, and 18%’s in your 3rd generation and the sum of group volumes of 25%, 22%, and 18%’s in your 4th generation. This is called the Third Generation Bonus. And you earn 1.5% from the difference between the sum of group volumes of 25%, 22%, and 18%’s in your 4th generation and the sum of group volumes of 25%, 22%, and 18%’s in your 5th generation. This is called the Fourth Generation Bonus.

Side Points Requirement: You have to keep working on your 1st generation, regardless of your title.

Title Points: You accumulate points for the director and above titles in your frontline (1st generation). The more qualified directors you have in your frontline, the more points you accumulate.

Manager vs Diamond: You are called a manager when to achieve a title but haven’t maintained for 5 months.


Arms? Legs? What is going on here?

Title Change Bonus

When you achieve different bonus levels and keep that level for another consecutive month, you will be eligible to earn a Title Change Bonus.

“If you achieve 9% bonus level and keep that level for another month, you will be eligible to earn $60.
If you achieve 12% bonus level and keep that level for another month, you will be eligible to earn $150.”

In order to be eligible for the title change bonus. Beauty Influencer must be greater than the largest level in their downline.

Car Allowance

Farmasi doesn’t list any helpful information about their car allowance.

“When you have different bonus titles you get paid different amounts as car/travel allowance.”

How helpful…NOT.

Cash Allowance

You must maintain a “title” for 5 months in a row in order to be eligible.

Yep, I do not understand the graphic above AT ALL.

World Discovery Program

“We encourage our entrepreneurs to travel around the world, meet with new cultures and visit Farmasi offices all around the world. We have a special travel program for certain titles.”

Obviously as you can see the “world discovery program” only applies to those at the very TOP of the “triangle”.

Income Disclosure Statement

According to Farmasi’s Income disclosure;

“Since the Company only recently launched, not enough statistical data exists to prepare a more extensive income disclosures.”

However the company does provide projections/estimates:

“Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross revenue for Entrepreneurs is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000.” Farmasi went on to say, “Please note: These numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building an Farmasi business, which could exceed the commissions received.”

Fucking yikes!

Based on Farmasi’s projections…

If we use the highest earning potential amount a beauty consultant is estimated to make ($2000), and subtract the required amount a beauty they must purchase per month ($250) x 12 months ($3000). In the absolute best situation a beauty consultant will be at LEAST $1000 in the negative.


$2000 (year)

$250 (month)


12 (months)


-$1000 +











Farmasi’s shipping policy is something important to mention when considering becoming a beauty consultant.

“You agree that if you resell product directly to a customer (“Retail Customer”), you will adhere to the Company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and shall provide a full refund of all monies paid if the Retail Customer returns the product to you within thirty (30) days of the sales transaction.”

Interesting, but that is not the concerning part…


“The refund shall be 80% of the purchase price or product credit of equivalent value, and shall not include the shipping and handling charges you incurred. In the event of defective or damaged product, the Company will cover all shipping charges as detailed more fully in the Policies and Procedures.”

Go ahead and calculate that 20% loss into your expenses for the year. Simply put, what the ….?


Were going to just go ahead and dive right into the dumpster fire.


There are a lot of hun’s leaving both Limelife by Alcone & Younique to get in on the “ground floor opportunity” at Farmasi. A quick search on Facebook will bring up dozens of posts.



There are just as many Facebook posts about Limelife & Farmasi. These three MLMs (Younique, Limelife by Alcone, & Farmasi) are legit fighting each other.

However, the fighting going on between the three MLMs needs a post of its own.


To be continued…

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