Help | After Leaving MLM

Recovering from Multi-Level Marketing

If you?re reading this it is likely because either you, or someone you care about has left an MLM.

First of all- CONGRATULATIONS! You may not see it right now but you are SO brave, and strong!

We think there are a few crucial things that you need to know right now, before reading anything else:

You did NOT fail

You can get your old life back

Americans against MLM care, and are here to support you during your recovery.

The Network Marketing Bubble Will Burst | A Guest post by Dave Vaughan

The Network Marketing Bubble will Burst- A look inside a proposed mechanism for how the network marketing industry operates and how it cannot sustain healthy growth

Having doubts? It’s not just you..

Is your business not going as well as you hoped it would? It’s ok if you have questions. It’s ok to second guess what you’re doing and what is best for you. This is not ‘negative thinking’ to evaluate your current situation.   1. Were you told that you can work your business around your

Why You Shouldn’t Join an MLM

Chances are if you’re considering joining an MLM you’ve been approached by someone, who is giving you all the reasons you SHOULD join their MLM. They probably haven’t given you any reasons as to why you SHOULDN’T join an MLM though.   1. MLMs strain and/or ruin relationships 2. 99.7% lose money You have a

Farmasi- new ground floor opportunity?

Farmasi is a makeup/beauty MLM that entered the MLM world in 2010. Their headquarters is located in Turkey, and just recently entered the USA market in January (2019). I haven’t heard much about them until recently.   To sign up with Farmasi as a beauty consultant, you just have to pay $19.99, and have the

Monat’s BBB rating drastically changes

Sunday night a few members in the Facebook group, Victims of Hair Transformation detox noticed Monat Global’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating had changed. Prior to Sunday Monat had a pretty terrible rating with the BBB. In fact their rating was so low that it couldn’t dip much lower than what it was at, a

Reblogged: Anonymous ex-black status presenter tells all

Anonymous ex-Black [Younique] Status Presenter Tells all  

Monat released a pet line- Here’s why you should be worried

Here’s why you should be worriedMonat Global announced this week they’re releasing their Pet Hair Shampoo…I mean “Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash”     Naturally this news was really well received by the salty women (LOVE you ladies, *kisses*) who had their hair destroyed by Monat, and anyone else that isn’t a fan of this “company.”[Rolls

Jamberry is back, we’re so excited.

Jamberry sold Nail Wraps, who knew there was a market for JUST nail wraps? Oh wait, this is an MLM were talking about. They could sell Donkey shit, and the distributors would still think it Back in June (2018) Jamberry suddenly closed shop, with literally no notice to their distributors.   Elle Beau wrote a

MLM Master List

THE MLM MASTER LISTBelow is an exhaustive list of all Multi-Level Marketing companies we’ve found here at Americans Against MLM. We’re absolutely positive our list is missing some MLM’s.Unfortunately we cant always keep up so if you see something that needs to be added, removed, or changed please shoot us a note using the form

Maëlle Beauty Set To Close

  Thanks to community insider information, we’ve discovered Maëlle Beauty’s MLM pro program is set to close November 26, 2018. This coming just seven months after their relaunch in April. In February of 2017 Maëlle Beauty closed down temporarily due to a lawsuit with fellow MLM company Younique. Younique alleged Maëlle CEO Chris Welch, former VP