Jamberry sold Nail Wraps, who knew there was a market for JUST nail wraps? Oh wait, this is an MLM were talking about. They could sell Donkey shit, and the distributors would still think it

Back in June (2018) Jamberry suddenly closed shop, with literally no notice to their distributors.


Elle Beau wrote a fantastic blog post on everything Jamberry, we recommend reading that first.

Read Elles Post? You’re a fucking liar, but you are still welcome here.

H ‘Okay sooooooo, a few weeks ago I came across this Reddit post in the r/antimlm sub….


“Jamberry has been rebranded as BenePOO”

[Side Note: It’s not actually “BenePOO” its, “Bene-YOU“. God, that would be fantastic though!]

[In the Reddit post, they included the picture below. Credit to u/kittie_purr]


[Bene-YOU [Is short for “Benefit You”]


In November (2018) M. Global (not to be confused with Monat Global), Jamberry, and Avisae merged into Bene-YOU.

The CEO [Ryan Anderson] said:

“As a relatively young company, we’ve made several strategic decisions during 2018 that position us for dynamic expansion and provide our Associates and Customers with personalized growth opportunities along with a product mix that offers a total approach to wellness and beauty,”


“…and provide our associates (AKA Distributors) and customers with personalized growth opportunities…”

[Customers with personalized growth opportunities, huh? I can’t even with this one.]

I decided to take a look at their website- and whooooooo boy, hot fucking mess.

Let’s start with the products:


M3Z Sleep spray

[Thats literally all the information they have on the “sleep spray“.]

Sounds like false/deceptive claims not backed by the FDA.

  • They also do NOT have an FDA disclaimer.
  • How about a list of ingredients? Pretty sure that’s illegal.
  • No directions either?
[My whole household gets to enjoy Sleep Spray though! But you know what? FUCK IT. This product for the low price of $24.95 supports my weight loss journey, replaces my Viagra, Xanax, cures Bi-Polar Disorder, ADHD, and replaces my morning coffee. Fuck y’all im down.]


[If I spray it on my pillow before bed, once im asleep does the Sleep Spray travel like a spirit/ghost to everyone else in my household and cure them? How does that work? Well, its on the internet so it must be true!]

The rest of the products are just like the Sleep Spray, no information other than illegal claims.

BeneYOU refers to their distributors as “Associates“. Now in my opinion that sounds EXTREMELY misleading.

On the website they have a “What you can earn” informational poster that leaves you scratching your head.

Associates accrue points instead of $$$. They don’t do the math, like at all.

  • How many points equal $1.00?

But don’t worry, “Bene-YOU is simple, generous, and generous again”…right.

Oh and don’t worry Bene-YOU didn’t forget to break the law in the statement above!


  • “Quick Return”
  • “Long Term Financial Freedom”

[They really just don’t give any fucks about how many laws they break.]

Speaking of breaking laws here’s a gem:

“It’s up to you”

[NO NO NO NO NO NO! You are breaking the law!!!!!]

I am full of so much rage now, i must go sit and stew. RAWRRRRRRRR!

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