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Neora | Legal | TINA.org file complaint with FTC

TINA.org compiled over 100 examples of unsubstantiated health and disease-treatment claims made by Nerium distributors about the company’s products, such as being able to treat, cure, or alleviate the symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea. TINA.org also compiled numerous examples of deceptive, atypical, and unsubstantiated income

Neora | FTC | Neora counter sues FTC

November 1st, 2019 On Nov. 1, Neora LLC, formerly known as Nerium, and its founder, Jeffrey Olson, filed suit in Chicago federal court, asking the judge to declare their business is not a “pyramid scheme” and bar the FTC from pursuing a “civil administrative enforcement proceeding” against companies like Neora/Nerium that it says are considered

Gary Young | Young Life Research Clinic

Institute of Natural Medicine   October 9, 2017   In article in The New Yorker, Rachel Monroe reported that Young opened the Young Life Research Clinic in Springville, Utah, which offered essential oils and other alternative treatments for various diseases. 2005   The clinic settled a lawsuit with a patient who claimed that infusions of

Gary Young | Chula Vista Clinic in CA

Late 1980’s   Don Gary Young, Dixie Young, and Richard Crow Jr. operated Young Life Wellness Center and Young Life Products in Chula Vista, California.   1988   A female investigator for California’s Department of Health Services purchased two “blood crystallization test kits” from this clinic and submitted her own blood sample with the medical

Gary Young | Rosarita Beach Clinic

1980’s   In the late 1980s, Young ran the Rosarita Beach Clinic in Tijuana, which offered laetrile; colonics; iridology; massage; vegetarian diet; vitamin C therapy; reinfusing blood that had been drawn from patients and exposed to direct current; and a diagnostic test involving looking at dried blood under a microscope, which Young claimed was 95

DoTerra | About

Website: doterra.com Category: Essential Oils Founded: in 2008 by: David Stirling -Former Young Living employee Corey Lindley  Emily Wright -Former Young Living employee Dr. David Hill Greg Cook Rob Young Mark Wolfert Headquarters: Pleasant Grove, Utah USA