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Sorry folks not only is there no such thing as therapeutic grade stones, many of the BB are not even natural. Many of them are synthetically grown, heat treated, plated or dyed.


EDIT: KM makes a BIG point of saying how these BB are special therapeutic grade. They are expensive because they are special and all natural and sourced from the original country of origin. In many cases that isn’t even close to being true.

Lets start with the druzy quartz. This is sort of a dead give away. Natural druzy dug up from the earth comes in pale peach colors and various grays. Black and brightly colored druzy is grown in a lab. And the silver and gold druzy is just flat out chemically plated to look that way. Same goes for hematite, it doesn’t come in gold, it has been chemically altered.

Strawberry quartz is another sketchy one. True strawberry quartz is clear with long red fibers. The pink quartz listed as strawberry quartz on BB is a common synthetically produced glass known in the gem trade as “fruit quartz”

African turquoise is probably natural. But its really jasper, not actual turquoise and its treated to make it turquoise colored

90% of the turquoise in the market is dyed howlite. If that bright blue turquoise (out of stock) BB had was real it would have been outrageously expensive

There is no such thing as white turquoise found naturally. It could be magnesite or howlite. But if you zoom in close you can see the veining looks very regular and artificial.

Lapis is one of THE most faked gemstones in the world. But one of the more common things to do is dye natural but poor quality lapis to make it look more intensely blue. Natural lapis will not be very uniformly blue. It can also be reconstituted lapis. The BB beads are very solid blue and very uniformly blue.

True Aventurine has flecks of mica in it which sparkle. Its possible the BB Aventurine is real, but its hard to tell with the matte finish

In fact the matte finish is sort of a troubling feature of a lot of these “stones”. The matte finish hides bubbles that would indicate fakes or disguises faint natural inclusions which would identify it as real.

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