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While living in Spokane, Washington, Gary Young was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Based on a three-week undercover investigation, Young allegedly offered:

(1) to deliver a baby,

(2) treat cancer, and

(3) detect cancer using a blood sample.


According to investigators, he also allegedly offered to determine the;

“nutritional needs of another person during pregnancy by drawing blood and interpreting the results of a blood test.”


Young pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. He was given a sixty-day sentence, fined $250, and placed on probation for one year.


Several months earlier, Young’s infant daughter died of cardiac arrest during delivery in a whirlpool bath at Golden Six Health World, which Young owned.

According to the County Coroner, she apparently remained under water for almost an hour before she was removed.

Press reported the County Coroner as saying that she probably would have lived if she had been delivered under more conventional conditions.

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