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Several news stations, and journalists investigated and reported on the complaints, lawsuits and damages being reported as a result of using Monat’s products.


KTNV News Station Las Vegas | Part One – Link -needs updating


“Complaints, class action lawsuits pile up against hair care company Monat. | FDA, BBB, courts are now involved.”

KTNV News Station Las Vegas | Part Two- Link to video


“Monat hair care company accused of using strong-arm legal tactics to silence critics.”

KTNV News Station | Part Three- Link to video


“Monat hair care executives try to turn tide as company faces fourth class action lawsuit.”

KTNV News Station Las Vegas | Part Four- Link to video

“Women who sell Monat products posted false claims of FDA approval.”

KTNV News Station Las Vegas | Part Five- Link to video

“FDA inspection finds ‘insanitary conditions’ at Monat manufacturing facility.”

KTNV News Station Las Vegas | Part Six- Link to video

Fox 23 News Station, Tulsa, OK | –Link to video- Link needs updating



News Articles


“The FDA Is Now Investigating This Popular Shampoo Brand For Causing Hair Loss and Scalp Sores.” | Link to article

“This Trendy Hair Company Is Suing A Woman Who Said Their Products Are A “Nightmare.” | –Link to article


A City News Exclusive: A local woman’s hair nightmare.

Edmonton, Canada City News | – Link to video

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