Last modified: November 3, 2019

JW – KM’s friend, BS VP

Cardi G – JW’s girlfriend

RM – KM’s husband

BB – The “magic” bead company

M – Own’s BB

MM – KM’s Youngest son

AT – KM’s oldest daughter

BS – Shampoo guy in the bow tie

C – KM’s “friend” who started the cancer scam

E – A younique presenter who also shills BS shampoo

KRS – KM’s personal sponsor and direct upline

HH – Some guy that gets deals on hotels for the meet and exploits. His mom allegedly seems to have some cancer scam too.

Cooper – KM’s little curly haired dog

Frank – KM’s St Bernard service dog that mysteriously disappeared.

Meyer – New puppy that magically appeared recently (October 2019).

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