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Who is KM?


She is a presenter for the pyramid scheme makeup company Younique. This is her on the right in the tiara. She films 4 hour long Facebook live makeup tutorials promoting all her side hustles. She gets kickbacks on magic beads that help you pooptowels with her face on them (the tribe refers to them as “tea towels”) and expensive 8 step shampoo. If you don’t want to sit through one of her lives, just watch this 90 second video that gives you a good idea of what kind of person she is. She has a bunch of women that tune in on a regular basis she calls her “tribe“. Some of them abandoned ship and came here. But it is hard for them to leave this cult. This whole thing started because KM decided to do some of her videos from behind the wheel and then went on a blockfest when people called her out on it. That is why this place is called YouniqueDriverKM.


Some other details about her…


Video: She goes on anti-abortion/anti-vaccination/anti-medication rants.

She is a bigot and she defends her right to be one.

She makes fun of random strangers.

She had a service dog named Frank that showed up on all her lives in her old home town. She said he had dementia and then got all squirmy about what happened to him. She wouldn’t tell anyone what happened. She got mad at people who asked. She also has another dog named Cooper who got hit by a car shortly after her move. She made a joke on her live about wanting to put him to sleep after finding out how much it cost for surgery. She opted against surgery and had magic beads made for him instead. The dog situation got even more annoying for viewers when she made her followers wait up until midnight to announce the arrival of a new puppy. It made people more than a little upset considering Frank’s mysterious dismissal.


BB- Magic Bead Scam


KM makes a BIG point of saying how these BB are special therapeutic grade. They are expensive because they are special and all natural and sourced from the original country of origin. Well, it turns out that isnt so true.

You can read more about Bombshell beads here


BS- Overpriced Shampoo


The Cancer Girls Scam


The Name Game


KM Lingo

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