Sunday night a few members in the Facebook group, Victims of Hair Transformation detox noticed Monat Global’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating had changed.

Prior to Sunday Monat had a pretty terrible rating with the BBB. In fact their rating was so low that it couldn’t dip much lower than what it was at, a D-  rating. Monat received their D rating in late March 2018 after the BBB was FLOODED with complaints of hair falling out, refund issues, cancellation issues, etc.


Taken directly from the BBB website,

“In January 2018 BBB received several hundred customer reviews within a three day period regarding Monat Global…”


Lets talk about the present:

If you look up Monat Global on the BBB TODAY you will find a MUCH different story. Suddenly, Monat Global has an A- rating.

Did the BBB suddenly have a change of heart?

Is Monat out of “time out”?

Well whatever the shit happened, the BBB released a statement along side the new rating.

“In January 2018 BBB received several hundred customer reviews within a three day period regarding Monat Global, many of which appeared to be filed by sales affiliates of the business. BBB does not accept reviews from employees or sales affiliates of a business.”


“BBB has removed all reviews for this business and will not be taking positive or negative customer reviews at this time, due to BBB’s inability to confirm the authenticity of all reviews being submitted”


“many of which appeared to be filed by sales affiliates of the business.”




1.) The “sales affiliates” ARE the customer!

2.) Why on Monat’s green earth would the Market Partners do that??? They done drunk that kool-aid, ALL HAIL URDANETA’S!

3.) What THE fuck WHAT?!


D- to an A- OVERNIGHT, this is absolutely amazing that Monat as a company took a turn for the better. Wow, miracles really do happen, guys!



I’m fucking pulling your leg.






Seriously, this is absolutely ABSURD. It fucking pisses me off because these fucking poor excuse of “companies” tippy-toe all around, doing whatever the fuck they please, and what happens?


Not even a slap on the wrist, these goofy looking fuckers get a free kids meal at McDonalds.



But what could motivate a company to do such an INSANE thing?


Well, the Direct Selling Association (you know that group that is supposed to regulate MLMs, but also self regulates LOL), and the BBB did form a partnership in January of this year. (2019)

You can view more information about it here


“The Direct Selling Association (DSA) and the Council for Better Business Bureaus (CBBB), the network hub for BBB’s in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, have created a third party, self-regulatory program for the direct selling industry launched in January 2019.”


So, a third party self-regulatory program? Please explain to me how that works. Ill wait right here, patiently.


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  1. What the fuck kind of partnership did they form?
    The DSA and the BBB formed a partnership…..
    That….uh…..protects MLMs from receiving honest BBB reviews???

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