Chances are if you’re considering joining an MLM you’ve been approached by someone, who is giving you all the reasons you SHOULD join their MLM. They probably haven’t given you any reasons as to why you SHOULDN’T join an MLM though.


1. MLMs strain and/or ruin relationships

2. 99.7% lose money

You have a higher chance of hitting a jackpot at a casino

An ILLEGAL no-product pyramid scheme has a higher rate of success (90% lose v. 99.7% in MLM)

3. Expensive membership fees

Website fees, personal volume requirements, advertising material

4. Toxic positivity

Toxic positivity is a big part of the MLM culture. MLMs teach that if you just stay positive this will allow you to power through and overcome any obstacles you may face, and you will be successful- or so they say.

They tell you:

“stay positive”


“Ignore the haters”


All the really successful people in MLMs talk about how important it is to be positive, how important it is to keep trying even when everything isn’t working out. And they’ll talk about how they got through some hard time because they stayed positive.

However what they always fail to mention is sometimes it just doesn’t matter how positive you are, sometimes…things just don’t work.

And that’s okay.

Sometimes you need to pay attention to what isn’t working instead of trying to make it work. You may need to take a critical look at what you are doing and make some changes or rethink everything.


According to an article published by Psychology Today,

“By avoiding difficult emotions, you lose valuable information. For example, when you are scared, your emotions are telling you, “Be aware of your surroundings.” Emotions themselves are information; They give you a snapshot of what is going on at a given moment, but they don’t tell you exactly what to do or how to react.”


5. Cult manipulation tactics

6. Bullying

7. Out-casting friends & family

8. Putting yourself in danger of legal risk for making false claims

9. Perpetuating a pyramid scheme

10. Required to scam others in order to make money

11. False sense of community

12. Poor product quality

13. Overpriced products

14. Lack of control over product design, marketing and pricing

15. No real training

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